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About Us

Apartment Management Pros was created to service a very specific niche in Real Estate.  We found the small to mid-size multi-family apartment building niche lacks a great property management solution.  Although the single-family rental and the large multi-family apartment complex sectors have adequate options, owners of small to mid-size have either had to settle for a property management solution that doesn't primarily service their type of Real Estate Asset, or just do it themselves.


Apartment Management Pros provide Real Estate Investors with property management and sales of small to mid-sized residential multifamily apartment buildings.  Our team has experience managing over $400M worth of real estate assets, giving our clients the piece of mind their investment is managed correctly in order to maximize cash flow and profits.  


Our approach is different than most Property Management firms.  First we listen to understand what your needs are as a Landlord or Investor and then we come up with a plan to meet those needs.  Every client, apartment home, and resident of those apartments are treated with the individual attention and detail that is our standard. 

More About Us:


Apartment Management Pros' clientele consist of individuals that have ownership of multifamily real estate (either private investors through planned acquisition or unplanned inheritance), institutions, and other investment groups.  We are affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, National Association of Property Managers, National Apartment Association, Houston Apartment Association, and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas.  We are also a wholly owned subsidiary of Flat Fee Landlord, LLC.


Apartment Management Pros is a Texas Residential Multifamily Property Management Firm.  We specialize in leasing and on/off-site management of small to mid-sized multifamily apartment buildings and communities ranging from.  We manage primarily Class A and B properties; however, we also provide management to Class C properties with a plan to rehab.  We offer value-add advisory and management services for rehabs of Class C and B properties.  Additionally, we offer partnership joint venture services on qualified buildings and assets.


We have two headquarters in Texas.  Located in DFW metroplex (Dallas) and Houston, Texas.  We also have offices in Austin, San Antonio, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland and provide real estate management services in each of these markets.

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