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Apartment Management Pros provides acquisition and disposition (sales) services for multi-family real estate through our affiliated Real Estate Brokerage, HASHEM REALTY.

HASHEM REALTY's Licensed Real Estate Advisors provide consulting and brokerage services on real estate acquisitions and sales.  These services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Initial consultation of goals with client

  • Consult on sales process for acquisitions and dispositions

  • Marketing and preparation plan in order to maximize profitability when selling/disposing property

  • Review and set acquisition criteria with client

  • Draft sales documents and provide guidance throughout the entire acquisition process

  • Negotiate price, terms, and contracts for client

  • Set search criteria for property acquisition

  • Schedule showings/property walk throughs 

  • Create and distribute marketing materials for sale of existing property

  • Buyers side represenation

  • Sellers side representation

  • Acquisitions due dilligence consulting 


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